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April, 2014


Dear brethren in Christ,


It’s the onset of summer in the Philippines.  The start of the season did not only bring so much sunlight but events that God allowed to happen for His light to shine on many people. As mentioned in our previous newsletter, our recent trip to Tacloban opened prospects of procuring some chain saws to be used for cutting and slicing coconut logs for timber boards damaged by typhoon Yolanda for the construction of temporary shelters. Some brethren indicated interest and willingness to help. In God’s time, as He provides, we hope to go back to Leyte this summer to bring the needed materials/equipment.

The ministry also had the opportunity to help some people in Jaguimitan (Pag-ao), Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, one of the ministry areas affected by typhoon Agaton.  Last January, typhoon Agaton ravaged the community of Jaguimitan (the effect of the typhoon was Mindanao wide) with heavy rainfall.  Continuous rain lasted for almost two weeks which caused the rivers to swell and overflow, which destroyed cultivated crops, the main source of livelihood of the community folks. Only after almost two weeks past that brethren from Nasipit were able to pass thru the rivers and distributed relief goods to the people. Before the relief distribution, the Gospel was again preached to people. To God be the glory!

Another opportunity to alleviate the condition of our people was provided by God for the Higaonons in Malahone, also in Nasipit, another tribal outreach of the ministry. By God’s direction, one of our ministry leaders was brought to this community and shared to the tribal folks the Gospel, several years ago. By His grace, many tribal folks came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. After few years of conducting bible studies, fellowships and worship services, and making sure that their spiritual needs were met, it was time to help them in their physical needs.

One of their basic needs is the supply of potable water. The source of water for drinking and bath is approximately half a kilometer away from the community and is dangerously located at the steep side of a ravine. About a week ago, this situation was changed. A team of ACM brethren (carpenters and masons) went up to Malahone and constructed the water system for the community. With the help of the local folks, three (3) water catchments; one at the mouth of the source of water, the other besides the ministry’s church building, and the third at the center of the community, were constructed. The tribal folks clapped their hands as water flowed near their homes for the first time. It was a celebration of joy for the whole community. Lord willing, we will go back to Malahone for the turn-over of the project to the community and hold a thanksgiving service to make known to the people that our God is interested not only in the spiritual aspect of their lives, but for other needs as well. Plans to put up a watershed near the source and communal gardening are in the making. Hopefully, slowly but surely, our brethren there could experience how God meet their everyday needs as promised in the Scriptures. Free clinics and feeding were also conducted there in the past.

Few days ago (March 30), we visited our brethren in Claveria, an hour and a half ride from Cagayan de Oro City. We met the brethren and joined them in their Sunday worship. We were blessed not only by the message we heard from our local Pastor, but their testimonies as well. Many graduates shared how God provided their needs as they went to school. Parents testified not only of the provision for their family but changed lives of their children who were discipled by more spiritually mature brethren. There was a thanksgiving celebration of the ministry’s local leader’s (Brother Joebert Sogoan), since all his children garnered honors, especially the eldest who graduated valedictorian in High School. During the thanksgiving, Bro. Joebert invited many teachers and students. The family members of Bro. Joebert’s wife were also around to share the joy of the Sogo-an family. Also, during the celebration, Bro. Joebert took this opportunity to share the Gospel. Many received Jesus Christ by joining in acceptance prayer. Next week, some other ministry areas will also celebrate graduation dinners and parties, but the main event is sharing the Gospel to the relatives of the graduates. Every summer, especially graduation times, we do this activity by sharing the love of the Lord Jesus to the relatives and friends of the graduates.

Meanwhile, last February, 2014; Pastor Rolly P. Moscardon (the local Pastor of the ministry in Bukidnon areas) baptized twelve (12) brethren in Kili-kili, Wao, Lanao del Sur. Praise God for this harvest of souls. This summer, the leaders from all ministry areas and outreaches will gather in Cagayan de Oro City for the annual umbrella meeting. This meeting will be held for encouragement, prayer, renewing of ties and relationships and the formulation of ministry directions based on the will and words of God. We also hope to travel to and visit many ministry areas, especially those which are passable by 4-wheel vehicles during summer only.

In closing, we would like to share with you one of D. De Haan’s quotations, and we quote:  “Amid the teeming throngs of earth, the Lord seeks those who’ll say, I’ll follow You, my Lord and Guide, and walk with you each day”, unquote.  May we continue to walk with God, through all our days and all our nights.

God bless you richly in Christ.


signIn His service,

Ptr. Bernardo and Sis. Felina Mendoza



Water System Project

Brings delight to Higaonon community

By: Joy Dauz

Nasipit, Agusandel Norte – Due to the challenging way of fetching potable water downhill for about a half kilometer, Higaonons on this upland community at Kilometer #15 in Malahone, Brgy. Camagong here tried to be stingy in using the same for cooking, much more so for drinking. No wonder then that the populace has had been grossly affected and children in particular mostly felt the brunt of being afflicted time and again by loose bowel movement, skin diseases, respiratory ailments, oral cavities, and numerous other frailties. Furthermore, the children and women, who mostly do the fetching chores, could only make it once in most cases, especially when the terrain would be loosened and therefore dangerous at times because of torrential rains. 

Because of such difficulty, workers from the Arise Christian Ministries, Inc. (ACMI) coming from as far as the province of Bukidnon ascended to their community, bringing along needed tools, construction fixtures, supplies and materials in order to respond to their long-cherished aspiration of having to fetch water at their very own backyard so to speak. Even if drenched by incessant rains, the workers, in collaboration with some Higaonons, buckled down to work and plodded on for 10 grueling days this March 2014, excavating trenches and burying at least 420 meters of hard plastic pipes with a one-inch diameter, establishing at least three concrete catchment basins in strategic locations to impound water, and likewise installing faucets – until, lo and behold, water gushed forth at the heart of the community. The “miracle” was met with thunderous applause and moistened eyes by those who witnessed the gushing water firsthand. 

Datu Bunayog Bustillo and his wife Bae Malaynon profusely thanked the ACMI fellows for facilitating and even realizing their expressed need of having water at their community. Datu Bunayog, though frail because of his advance age, believed that “this project will greatly help our tribal people. Most of all, I thanked God for providing our tribal people with a little bit of physical heaven while I am still alive.”

While we were busy talking about the water system’s possible impact to the community, some fellows got delighted in taking a bath at noontime in full view of the community, while several women fetched water for their respective households, and at least one little girl, about 10 years of age, eagerly washed her family’s used clothes.

Mr. Jimmy Maunes, who is one of the residents here, pointed out that the modest project will at least serve 64 households. He felt that there would be a pivotal change for the Higaonon people here sooner or later in terms of hygiene and sanitation because water is already so near for everyone to fetch and use.



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  Let us continue to walk with  Him this 2013, and the many years after, until Jesus comes. 

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  • Educational Sponsorship Program (Ministry wide project)

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. - 1 Corinthians 15:58 

























































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