KALILANGAN (Leader: Rolly Moscardon)

The ministry in Kalilangan is being led by 11 core leaders. Ministry started in 1983 with Terry Bolo discipling Evelyn Moscardon Cosio, Ponec Quiapo Rabino and Charito Trigueros. Constructed fellowship building last 2001, a 500 sq.m. lot costing P50,000.00; Regular attendees-35-40 members; Once a month an invited speaker from other ministry areas serves as preacher.

Current Activities: Sunday worship, Wednesday prayer meeting, Sunday ministry (16 kids) elders take turn in sharing the Word, and once a month they invite speakers from other ministry areas. Around 35-40 members attend regularly. They were able to build a fellowship center in a 500 square meter lot. Wednesday prayer meeting; Kids ministry meets every Sunday (around 16 kids); visits regularly an outreach in Forchacu; individual witnessing done by members, discipling among members. 

Prospect: Reaching out Kili-kili High School through Rolly and Nenita, BSC Extension through Nonito, Kanituan Elementary School through Evelyn, neighborhood through Jesus and Teling. Plans to have a Day Care Center by June, 2006. They need to finish their fellowship center. Outreach in Forchacu: 

Future Activities: May 4-6, 2006 Regional Conference (Kalilangan, Macaopao, Wao, Banisilan, Seran, Tambunan) -250 delegates, at Kalilangan. 


MACAOPAO (Leader: Jesus Pagdato)

The ministry is being coordinated by 9 core leaders. Ministry started in 1986 with Evelyn, Veron & Terry as pioneers following-up Buding, Sabeth, Tela & the rest. 

Regular Activities:  CORE meeting every Monday evening; Witnessing every last Sunday of the month; CORE member handling Bible studies; fellowship every Sunday morning for general, regular attendees - 30 to 40; fellowship every Sunday afternoon for youth, regular attendees - 40; dedication of house every prayer meeting; youth leaders handling tutorial classes for fund raising -2 workers every Sunday fellowship, before fellowship starts; youth handling praise & worship for Sunday fellowship; second line leaders handling congregational Bible studies before the Sunday fellowship.

Plans: Extend fellowship building to keep safe musical instruments; organic farming technique with Junior Jerusalem as facilitator; free clinic by 2006 with Arise brethren as evangelists to cater 600 patients 

Source of Income: Farming 

Fellowship House was constructed last 2001 costing P30,000.

Outreach: Puro, Agaton.

WAO  (Leader: Simeon Silva)

The Wao outreach is being led by 9 Core Leaders. REGULAR ATTENDEES: 20 adults & children PROSPECT: Church site extension by January 2006. OUTREACHES: Serran Villages 5 are being followed-up; Fellowship held every 3rd & 5th Sunday of the month 

PLAN: Nursery/fruit trees & cut flowers, technology & beautification with Simeon & Jonathan as facilitators/coordinates. Fundraising & livelihood program. 


BANISILAN (Leader: Irving Cañete)

There are 12 Core Leaders leading this ministry outreach. FELLOWSHIP HOUSE constructed 2003 costing P80 thousand, 600s.q. 

Current Activities: Sunday Worship in their fellowship center, where 35-40 adults and 30 children meet. Weekly prayer meeting, Bible studies. Visit with Cotabato leaders their outreaches in Kulawan and Kisolao and Wadja REGULAR ATTENDEES: 35-40 adults & 30 children OUTREACHES: Kolawan, Kisolao and Wadja; their follow-up to other areas need larger amount of finances SOURSE OF LIVING: Farming Plans: Day Care Center in a 300 square meter lot adjacent to their fellowship center; Technology transfer/farming techniques be taught to their farmers. 



There are at present 6 CORE MEMBERS FELLOWSHIP CENTER: 14x20 sq.m.. costing 20 thousand REGULAR ATTENDEES: 20 adults PROBLEMS: Fellowship center might be demolished; lot is not owned by the ministry; not enough bibles translated in bisaya SOURCE OF LIVING: Farming Current Activities: Sunday fellowship ( around 20 people attending) Bible studies and prayer meeting. All of the members are farmers.

PLANS: Technology transfer/farming techniques to improve farmers’ income ACCOMPLISHMENT: Installed generator for electricity 1996, estimated cost 20 thousand, acquired of P 7, 000 organ.