December, 2015

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Grace and peace be yours from our Lord Jesus Christ!

The world today is being rocked by natural and man-made calamities. Man’s capacity to do evil is getting worst. But our comfort is that Jesus Christ is still on the throne, and He will have the final say at the end. For this we rejoice, and will continue to do His bidding, allowing His light to shine through us as we walk in this dark world.

Year 2015 is almost over. But before we end the year we would like to share some activities that were conducted the past months. Last October, the leaders in Bukidnon region conducted their Leadership Development Programs (LDP) in Wao, Lanao del Sur. The same activity (LDP) was conducted by the brethren in Cotabato and Caraga Regions last November 21 and 28, respectively. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a training regularly conducted to equip leaders as they do ministry work.

Meanwhile, the Higaonon brethren from Malahone and Pag-ao (tribal outreaches) in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte had a refreshing joint fellowship in a beach resort in nearby town of Buenavista. After a short fellowship, thirteen (13) brethren from these two tribal outreaches underwent water baptism in response and in obedience to the ordinance of Christ.

As always, the Lord God has allowed and accompanied our people to continue to share the Gospel to more people even passing through some critical areas especially in Mindanao. Many responded to the good news and are growing in their desire to study the Word of God. Many are being baptized this year, and are being followed up by mature ones. Our leaders are growing in character and servanthood as they serve our people with “integrity of hearts”. The Lord opened doors for creative evangelism through personal and small group evangelism, i.e. using the classroom, medical free clinic events, livelihood projects, scholarship grants, etc. He answered many prayers regarding finances for families and construction of fellowship centers, livelihood needs, and healing among the sick. Many young people graduated and are able to find gainful employment, and become workforce for the Gospel in the areas God assigned them. Some were taken home to glory and the assurance of eternal life was a great comfort and sure foundation.

In the next few weeks, all of our churches will be celebrating thanksgiving, for the Manger King, Jesus Christ, who came to earth and offered eternal life to those who believe. He is the reason for the season.; Come Holy week next year,; we will be holding the 2nd ACMI national conference at Rosario, Agusan del Sur. Pray with us for safety, provision and challenge to press on and follow His calling as His servants, until Jesus comes. Attached are some pictures taken during the conduct of the said activities.

We give God all the glory, for all the great things He has done. Again, thank you for being our co-laborer in the Gospel. Greetings to you and family as you celebrate Jesus' birth.


In Christ,

Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza

Senior Pastor ACMI


Dear brethren in Christ,

Christian Greetings!  Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

We would like to share some ministry developments the past weeks. About a month ago, while I and Babes (my wife) were preparing to attend a family reunion in Manila, sad news about the death of my brother-in-law was conveyed to us. My Brother-in-law (and family who are based in la Union) who was also preparing for the reunion suffered a cardiac arrest which caused his untimely death. Consequently, the reunion was cancelled and so the rest of the members of our family proceeded to La Union. Relatives of my brother-in-law from Mindanao also came to pay their last respects. Teachers, students, and colleagues from the University where his wife (my sister) works also came. During the wake and burial, the Gospel was shared to the people who came to offer condolences. Praise God for the many who responded positively to the Gospel.

A day after the wake, we went to visit the brethren in the mountains of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental in Visayas. By God’s grace, our brethren are doing fine in their walk with God. As an expression of their commitment to the Lord Jesus, 18 brethren decided to undergo water baptism, a great harvest indeed for the Lord. They have also started to reach out to neighboring areas. In fact, they are now following up two house churches in nearby barrios and a growing outreach in Silay City. To make their work easier, the umbrella organization donated a motorbike which was brought there by two leaders of ACMI by land, all the way from Cagayan de Oro City. We stayed in Negros for two days.

After our short sojourn in Negros, we visited Bato, Cebu, to see how Babes’ (my wife) relatives are doing. Two years earlier, they were reached out and started to be followed up (4 times a year) by other relatives from Cotabato.  For the first time we saw Babes relatives, and really thank God for their desire to know more about Jesus Christ. This is a long time prayer and desire, and God answered them.

That same week, two brethren from Iligan also visited two places in Negros and Cebu to reach out to their relatives. They too happily reported that many of their relatives who heard the Gospel responded positively.  These two brethren planned to conduct regular visit to these places to follow up those who positively responded to the Gospel.

The Board of trustees of ACMI met last August 29 and approved many resolutions. One of these resolutions is to support more workers and buy motorbikes for the outreaches. We thank the Lord for many supporters who through these years, continued to send financial resources for the ministry so that the work can continue to progress. The general conference come year 2016 was also finalized. Reports of newly constructed church buildings and fellowship venues were also shared. Continuing Leadership trainings in 4 regions were also evaluated.

Last Sept. 19, the fourth free medical mission sponsored by ACMI was conducted at Caraga State University in Butuan City. Patients from surrounding villages were transported to this place. Like the previous medical clinics conducted in Iligan city, Cotabato and Lanao del Sur, patients were witnessed to before receiving medical check-up and free medicines. Join us in thanking the Lord for His love, provision, protection and guidance in our midst. Attached are some pictures taken during the conduct of the above mentioned activities. 

Thank you for co-laboring with us.

In Christ,


Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza

Senior Pastor ACMI