December, 2016

Dear Brethren, 

Christian greetings!
As we celebrate Christmas and the coming New Year, join us in thanking the Lord for making true His promise in Psalms 65:11, stating, “You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance”. God in His grace and mercy made that promise true to us, and to you, for He promised that to all His children.

God is continually stretching His tent among us. We just arrived this week (Dec. 6) from a 20-day ministry trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Four of the ministry’s youth leaders here in Mindanao were brought by God to work in this Muslim nation. After few meetings for bible study, prayer, and devotional time in the Lord, they decided to obey the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). They shared the Gospel to their fellow Filipinos who are also working there. Few months after they embarked a witnessing spree, God brought people to them to hear God’s words. To their amazement, the four-man bible study group grew to 30-40 people in so short-a-time. Because of the increase in number of people attending bible studies, they decided to hold worship services every Friday (official holiday in UAE). At present, the four brethren are now following up contacts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. To accommodate the increase in the number of people attending bible study, and for closer coordination between and among the four brethren, they decided to rent a bigger flat located at the center of the city. This flat is accessible to most of the brethren and has a big salon where they can hold their worship service (50-60 people can be accommodated). At present, more than 10 people are staying in the flat/apartment- for training.

During our three-week stay in Abu Dhabi, we spent personal times with the leaders, shared in their fellowship, had a two-day mini conference, where we shared basic truths, ministry skills, and challenged them to obey the Great Commission. Some of those brethren (17 of them) who wanted to publicly declare their commitment to the Lord Jesus underwent water baptism. Before we left them, we commissioned their 4 leaders and did some ministry planning.During weekends (Friday and Saturday) some brethren from the outreaches come to this flat they can call their home away from home for physical rest and spiritual feeding. The ministry has become a refuge and shelter for them. God’s favor is so evident, that in spite of their many pressures at work, and their families back here in the Philippines, their hunger for God and His Word prevailed. Praise God for all these things.

As we celebrate the physical birth of our Savior, we want to focus again that Christmas is about the cross at Calvary- where Jesus came to die for all our sins. It also is about the resurrection, where we can live a new life with Him. Let’s call unto Him, and expect “great and mighty things we don’t know”.  Attached are some pictures taken during our visit to UAE.

Celebrating Immanuel,

Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza 

November, 2016

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings! May God’s love and peace be always with you in abundance as you receive this newsletter.  
Join us in thanking the Lord for the many things He is allowing to happen in our midst. Our brethren in various ministry areas are by God’s grace growing in their commitments and number. Many ministry areas are renovating/expanding their places of worship to accommodate new believers. Our brethren in Macaopao and Kalilangan in Bukidnon; Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur; Kulambugan, Lanao del Norte; and Malahone, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte (Higaonon brethren), are now busy expanding their fellowship centers. Praise God for these ministry developments.
Last week, (October 29-Nov. 1), approximately 120 leaders from various ministry areas in the Visayas and Mindanao, attended the 3rd Servant Leadership Training (SLT) at the ACMI center, here in Cagayan de Oro City. The objective of this training was to equip the ministry’s second line/generation leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude about Christian Leadership and prepare them for greater ministry tasks/responsibilities. The topics discussed were: ACMI Vision, Mission, Statements of Faith and Ministry Distinctives (Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Servant leadership and Indigenous Leadership). The other topics shared during the training were; Devotional Life of a Leader, Servanthood Today, Character of a Christian Leader and Running the Race. Most if not all participants stood up during the commissioning as they recommitted to obey the Great Commission and be Servant Leaders for Christ.

This coming Nov. 16 to December 4, the ministry outreach in United Arab Emirates will be holding mini-conferences in three places. The ministry leaders in these outreaches are planning to discuss ministry skills like; witnessing/evangelism, devotional life, conducting bible studies, etc. According to the leaders, the conferences will culminate with a water baptism for those believers who desire to publicly declare their acceptance of and commitments to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some brethren from the Philippines are invited to these activities to serve as resource speakers.

The brethren in ACMI, Iligan city are now busy preparing for the Medical Mission to be conducted few weeks from now. Just like the previous medical missions the ACMI had conducted, the Gospel will be shared to patients first before they are attended to by the doctors. Medicines and services are free. We covet your prayers for the success of these twin activities of the ministry.

God has blessed us with generous donors who extended financial support to start livelihood projects among the less-privileged brethren and also for medical help for the sick. The Lord bless you all the more. Attached are some pictures taken during the 3rd Servant Leadership Training.

Again, thank you for your encouragement, financial support, prayers and co- laborship in the Gospel.

In His Vineyard,

Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza 

August-September, 2016

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in Christ’s Name!

The ministry’s 17th foundation/anniversary was celebrated by the brethren during the months of June and July (Although some ministry areas are celebrating it this august).  The celebration commenced last June 16 with a two-week daily thanksgiving prayer focusing on the faithfulness of God to the ministry.  After the two-week daily prayer, thanksgiving fellowships were conducted by the brethren in the various ministry areas.  Contacts from far flung outreaches trooped to larger ministry areas and joined the festivities/celebrations. As a culmination of the ministry’s anniversary celebration, a nationwide witnessing/evangelism were conducted Last July 31. Brethren stormed plazas, parks, malls, neighbors, hospitals, funeral parlors, relatives, fellow employees, and bus terminals. Some even conducted house-to-house evangelism in subdivisions and others went to far flung communities and tribal areas.  Many made decisions for Christ and some of them started their Bible Studies. We praise and thank God for the openness of many people to hear Jesus’ saving grace.  We covet your prayers for those who made decision for Christ that they will be open for bible studies and follow up.

The Lord also continually blessed our brethren from United Arab Emirates (UAE).  In less than a year, the brethren by God’s grace are now extending God’s territory to three other areas of the country.  The latest was an outreach done in an area where the host is not a Christian, but offered his place for Bible studies. The host also attended the Bible Study.  Our brethren are praying for a bigger place to accommodate more and more people who are doing Bible studies and attend regular fellowships.  Let’s support them in prayer.

Several ministry areas were extended financial help to build their bigger and wider fellowship houses, to accommodate more people.  

With the recent events in our country as more than 600,000 drug users surrendered to the government. We are praying and making plans how the ministry can be involved in the rehabilitation of these fellow Filipinos. Praying that God will use us, Christians, to be actively involved in bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because only the truth can set them free.

We thank all of you, who travel with us in prayers, support and encouragement. You are so much part of what God is doing in our midst. We claim that the best is yet to come as we allow the Lord to lead us in His paths.

In Christ,

Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza


April, 2016

Christian greetings to you and family! 

We would like to share what God has done the past week as the ministry held a retreat, fellowship, encouragement, bonding of old friends who have not met for quite some time, and conference to hear challenging messages/workshop that encouraged us to be steadfast, immoveable, and abounding in the work of the Lord. Your prayers and support God used to make this event possible and be a blessing and a revitalizing ministry activity for those who came.

With a theme “Shine till the End”, God assembled 673 (plus more or less 200 kids) brethren from ministry outreaches in Cebu, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental in the Visayas and more than 60 areas  in Mindanao. Brethren from all walks of life (professionals, community folks, farmers, students;  from the tribes; Higaonons, Muslims, Tirurays, Manobos) trooped to the conference site at Sarnimian, Rosario, Agusan del Sur on March 24-26, 2016 to hear God’s word. The number of participants increased from a little more than 500 delegates who attended the 1st National Conference in Davao four years ago. There has been large growth in membership, by the moving of the Holy Spirit, since ACM was incorporated in the late 90’s with a few hundred members. Indeed God is increasing our tribe. 

We thank God for all of you Brethren who prayed and sent financial support. We appreciate all your effort, fund raising activities, your time, availability and your love for God and the brethren. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of the success of the conference. Above all, we give thanks to God through His Son Jesus Christ for all the favor, blessings and hope that He placed in our hearts that will enable all of us to shine as light and serve as salt of the earth, until He Him be ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR, FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.

Rejoicing in Christ,

Ptr. Bernardo A. Mendoza